Car Insurance FAQ

How much does average car insurance per month cost?

According to the study carried out by Quadrant Information Services in 2016, average car insurance costs 110$ per month, which is $1330 per year. However, rates vary from state to state, and a lot depends on individual driver factors. The information below will help you to find out whether you can expect higher or lower… Read More »

Downscale Drivers in the USA

Worst Drivers By State00In case you travel much at the wheel, you have a possibility to learn, where one can meet the downscale drivers of the US. Obviously, you have some cases about such drivers to share. For instance, you suffered from a risky driver. Or some of your acquaintances did. Find below the fresh… Read More »

25 Funniest Car Pranks

The inventors of the car could not even imagine, in what funny situations their invention can find itself in current life. It is very absorbing to watch some modern drivers. Car pranks are not often seen on the roads, but when you manage to watch them, the laughter breaks through any mood. Find below 25… Read More »

Useful Data Concerning Discount Double Check

There is a perfect program Discount double check, which gives opportunity to policyholders to assure that they acquire the full range of insurance discounts for their cars. The program belongs to the renowned US company State Farm insurance, which also uses it to attract new clients showing the advantages of the State Farm insurance cover.… Read More »

How to Insure a Car with a Salvage Title in Texas?

Your current insurance company may refuse to insure a car with a salvage title (a totaled car). However some companies agree to do this. What should you expect in terms of rates? In terms of risks? Who will cover them? Read on for the answers and a step-by-step instruction. What does a salvage title mean?… Read More »

How to dispute against a payout amount on car insurance?

If you have insurance, disputing against the amount of your totaled car insurance payout is among your rights, and sometimes doing this can be even necessary. Auto insurance not only helps you to drive safely, it is also very useful when it comes to saving money, your auto, or the assets you own. Contesting the… Read More »

How should one calculate total insurance loss for his car insurance?

Generally, total insurance loss of particular car insurance usually depends on the comparison with an average auto. However, the final result may be influenced by various factors. For this reason, you should save all the maintenance records you have, since this can help you to prove what the condition of your vehicle was. If you… Read More »

PLPD Car Insurance Tips

One of the insurance terms that can be confusing is PLPD. This abbreviation is used very often by car owners, sometimes without even knowing what it really is. Still a good understanding of this coverage will save you money when you purchase insurance policy, and it will also help you to act smart in an… Read More »

When do you need assigned risk insurance?

In order to understand what the cases when you need assigned risk insurance are you first need to puzzle out what this type of insurance is. The answer is quite simple. Assigned risk insurance is designed for the riskiest drivers and driving. And it will be required for you to have this kind of policy… Read More »

How Much is the Cheapest Car Insurance?

The cost of auto insurance has gone up in the past year, so it’s getting more and more difficult to find a good level of protection at an affordable price. Everyone knows that the final cost of your car policy depends on many factors, from your zip-code to your age. But not all people are… Read More »

What it a sports car in the understanding of an insurance company?

If you are going to buy a sports car, after the purchase you will have to pay higher insurance premiums since sports cars drivers tend to drive faster and riskier, therefore, the probability of an accident is higher. Besides, it is more expensive to repair a sports car. That’s why insurers ask drivers to pay… Read More »

Out-of-State Speeding Tickets Increase Your Car Insurance Rates

A traffic ticket can affect the cost of your car insurance, no matter whether the violation occurred in or outside your state. Although some years ago many people even left out-of-state tickets unpaid without any consequences, today this is impossible because information is put into national databases. However in some cases there are ways to… Read More »

Is Car Insurance Available for Those with a Learner’s Permit?

The short answer to this question is “yes”. However there are many details involved: in fact, insuring a novice driver who has just a learner’s permit is completely different from insuring a fully licensed driver. Let’s discuss this difference and – in addition to it – the ways to save money. Insuring someone with a… Read More »

Does auto insurance cover bad motor or engine?

Many people are curious whether their insurer will pay for a new motor or engine when the current one goes bad. Bad engine is the most serious problem that can occur with a car. It can occur not only with old cars that have high mileage but also with new cars that have low mileage.… Read More »

Car Insurance and Learner’s Permit

When someone gets his or her learner’s permit, this sets many new questions. Does he of she need car insurance? In what way does insuring a person with a learner’s permit is different from insuring fully licensed drivers? What are the options for teens living with parents at home or on their own? How can… Read More »

When to drop collision insurance?

Collision coverage is the first line of defense against auto accidents. However keeping it is not always practical. Read on to learn when and if you should cancel collision coverage. This insurance policy is not obligatory when you hold the title of a car or truck (own it outright). But in case you borrow money… Read More »

Stolen car insurance

You have probably heard the stories on how cars of other people were stolen many times. However, it can occur not only with other people but with you too. And if a thief stoles your car, this problem will become very urgent for you, and you will have to do something with it. There are… Read More »

Getting Auto Insurance without Owning a Car

How is it possible to get car insurance without owning a vehicle? Usually people insure their cars and these insurances transfer to other drivers using these cars. Nevertheless you can own your insurance policy even there is no car belonging to you. Especially it is typical for young Americans who prefer borrow or rent a… Read More »

Should I buy collision insurance on an older car?

If you drive an older car you should know some useful things about buying insurance for it. Your main purpose is to have enough car insurance for your vehicle without paying more on the coverage than you need. You can be sure that you are not alone who has such a problem. Nowadays the US… Read More »

How much is car insurance for a 16-18 year old?

Parents of teenagers consider that the prices of insurance for teenagers are extremely high. Do you need car insurance for your child? You should know that there is no cheap car insurance for a 16 year old boy. It is connected with the fact that the majority of the accidents occurs due to the fault… Read More »

What is a deductible for car insurance?

When you acquire comprehensive auto insurance, one of the decisions you need to make is the amount of a deductible. The majority of the people always think about how to lower car insurance deductible. In most cases you can just do it online at the website of a company where you are insured. Just make… Read More »